Sunday, April 22, 2012

A way to share God's message across the world.

This blog has been started to enable the Church at Moi University extend its arms to the spiritually needy people who may be physically not within the reach of the Church evangelistic missions. It is the happiness of the Church to reach out to several people who are troubled and to give them hope of a future that Christ is preparing for us all. The Church is also delighted to take the message of repentance to all people reachable via this media and make them know that Jesus Christ spends His days at the right hand of God, daily interceding for our sins and asking for God to forgive each and every one of us.

Musda is a home far from Home and those who worship there in all the days know what this really means. It is the belief of the church that this is a family that each person would ever want to be part of. From wherever you are reading this, please feel part of MUSDA, a home far from home. Thank you for being a member of MUSDA. Kindly follow us to get our updates in your inbox immediately we publish them. 

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