Thursday, March 3, 2016

A moment of prayer

When Jesus rose back into the sky, He left us with powerful tools to keep in touch with Him, even as He went to prepare a place for us. Prayer, as a tool to communicate to him and tell him all we are going through and ask him for guidance, the Holy Spirit to deliver His guidance and the Holy Word of God to light our path and give us unending knowledge of who He is and what He was, He is and will be.

We can talk about prayer and leave the other tools for another day. Most Christians even after reading about prayer, find themselves not taking it seriously. Now is not the time to ask one's self if it is either the devil's fault or your fault; it is the time to know that you are missing on your way to eternity since you are losing the battle.

What makes a prayer as specified in the Bible? How should we pray and have God listen to our supplication? Jesus gave us a sample in Mathew 6:9 -13. He gave us a way to follow, and asked us to avoid long ones in Mark 12:40 and Luke 20:47 as the scribes did. Our prayers to got ought to give as a chance to say to God our innermost needs, our deepest sorrows and our most secret mistakes, so that He may forgive us.

Have you ever found your mind wondering around as you pray? Most have, including myself. It is one of the most spiritually challenging things to deal with in the human life, staying focused in prayer, and realizing that the Father we are talking to is the one who made us and all that there came to be. Staying in sync with the needs of the Holy Spirit and planning what to ask or or thank God for are some of the things that can help us stay focused when praying. The position in which you pray will also affect your concentration in prayer. Most people pray lying in bed, sitting on chairs, while Jesus "..fell onto the ground.." on His knees and prayed ( Mark 14:35). The position in which you pray ought to keep you in the prayer environment.

Did Jesus say it is going to be easy? He prayed and came back only to find His disciples asleep, and acknowledged that the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak ( Mark 14:38). He says we have to keep awake and pray in order not to get into temptation.

As I put my pen down, pray secretly, pray without ceasing, pray with faith and trust in God. I hope you find peace in communicating with our great God and savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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