Wednesday, March 23, 2016


For as long as I can remember, no book has been so loved, so hated and so damned as the Bible. One generation passes and another comes, yet it has abided and stood the test of time. Mankind from all spheres of life with divergent opinions of life, be they fascists, theologians, Marxists or so have searched the sacred pages of the oracle to find words that justify their courses of action. But just what makes this book abide through generations? Just what makes it stand out from other books that we know and even read? What makes it relevant even in today’s life? Take a pause and think dear friend...well, it is the uniqueness of its source and its subject matter.

The Holy writ states our dangers and opportunities while helping indicate our crises and choices. It moulds, educates, refines and fashions anew that defective and indulgent character bent naturally towards evil. From the records of the deeds of our fathers, we get encouragement, exhortation and correction. Most importantly, we get to see how our loving Father deals patiently with the erring, giving humanity a second chance to be partakers of His divine nature.

Never has it been so evident than in these last days of the earth’s history that this sacred book addresses the very issues that pertain to life and death. The prophesies of old have been made known to us through it and some have even unfolded before our very own eyes. Truly we have no excuse to pledge ignorance of anything. Brother and sister, I invite you to be a partaker of this great privilege of knowing the future while you live presently.

The holy writ appeals to all minds with truths spoken very plainly through inspired men of old. The author, God himself, has given this letter of love to suffering humanity groaning under the curse and bondage of sin  to instruct and educate. The inspired Word is ”profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness”...2 Tim 3:16 (margin). No man should fear the scrutiny and reproof that the Bible brings over our character, for none has ever succeeded without correction.

Take a read today and every day, and share in the thoughts of Him who gives you that breath of life. Be blessed as you enjoy these wonderful words of life .

By Lameck Ojero

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