Thursday, March 24, 2016


Who would not wish for a happy settled  family life after  the strain of  education at campus? How many PhD holders and other world respected men and women have sleepless nights behind closed doors?I have heard of various rich people that spend their nights in bars away from their multi-thousands comfy beds at home.Well, definitely you know of an experience or two. Today I take you through a keen study into the root and sole cause of these important institution – the family.

By definition, a family is “a group of people related by blood, marriage, law or custom” and of course many times all these tend to sequentially appear in all families. Now, what do you think is the difference between family life as in the worldly perception and as in the Christian way? 

Let us consider only one case study of a family in the Bible against all the worldly families that exist. You’ve probably heard one or two about Noah that built the ark; married to a wife (not named in the Bible). He was a son to Lamech and father to three sons named in Gen 6:10. At a an advanced age God purposed to use him in saving the people out of destruction by floods (Gen 7:6-7) And he responds to God’s command by simply obeying (Gen 6:22, 7:5) Then notably when the floods came he saved his family wholly; that is including his sons’ wives.
The interesting part of Noah’s family life that I could wish us to compare with our families is how he responds to God’s call to preach for a hundred and twenty years yet he has a family to take care of and in fact a wife to attend to. 

As a matter of fact, family life in our world has become a bond of slavery only using smooth handcuffs in the name of love to ‘sweeten’ it.We are in campus and already facing all lots of issues in our relationships but still hoping for the best in our future marriages to some nice lady/man somewhere away from these that we are now joking with. If you cannot go a day without seeing him/her then call it off because clearly you won’t heed to God’s call for more than a day.

Now this is for us men, the families we are to build are to be heaven-bound by our leadership in the Lord. We are to be so responsible to an extent as to effect responsibility in our irresponsible partners. We are studying for better life ahead, then why drive in the road clearly marked “HELL AHEAD”? We are not of age for a family if we cannot resist negativities and effect positive change in them that we intend to couple with in marriage. Do not spend sleepless nights studying now then spend sleepless nights in bars in the future for the worry of the chaotic wife at home.

Be the one to bring sanity into that relationship, be the one to shed reality therein. Go speak to him/her and request that they should hearken to God’s call of responsibility. If he/she refuses then certainly that is not your match; they belong to a destiny that you do not. Intellectuals think smart but real intellectuals think and act smart.God bless our families!

By Jeff Anching'a

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